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We are Tyler and Mike of RareBird in Portland, OR


While our in-house construction company is relatively new, the RareBird investment company has completed over 60 projects locally. Portland real estate is not just an occupation for us, but a strong passion. We began working together because we value the same things: integrity, honesty, and creativity. Because we have a heart for Portland, and a great deal of experience in the area, we can apply our local knowledge to your particular situation. No scenario is too difficult to approach.  Building and remodeling homes in Portland is our specialty.
We are investors and homeowners. We know how tricky remodeling in the Portland metro area can be. We build long term relationships with clients, and together, we are investing in the future of Portland. We have expertise in negotiating buyer repairs, remodeling, development, property management maintenance, and more. Each and every home is intriguing to us because they have helped shaped the city into what it is today. Each property is as unique as the people that live within the Portland city limits. We enjoy and truly want to work with you to find a construction solution that truly gets you to your end goal. Our mission statement says it best, “We are in the business of listening and solving. We believe in the power of the reciprocal exchange, where everyone wins. RareBird is construction unboxed.”
If you are looking for an experience contractor  for your Portland property, contact us today! What are you waiting for? We’ll get back to you with fast response and tailor a quote that works for you!